ID-IRI 2021 Info

We would like to inform you of the 2021 global/international ID-IRI research activities and the final statuses of the projects. For the upcoming ID-IRI studies that will start in early 2022, please go to our website, click the dropdown menu for ID-IRI researches and check upcoming studies.

Published/Accepted ID-IRI Studies in 2021

  1. International multicentre study of Candida auris infections. Journal of Fungi 2021;9;7(10):878
  2. Profiles of multidrug-resistant organisms among patients with bacteremia in intensive care units: an International ID-IRI survey. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases 2021;40(11):2323-2334.
  3. Managing adult patients with infectious diseases in emergency departments: International ID-IRI Study. Journal of Chemotherapy 2021;33(5):302-318.
  4. Anxiety among front-line health-care workers supporting patients with Covid-19: A global survey. General Hospital Psychiatry 2021;68:90-96.
  5. Health Care Worker Infections and Deaths due to COVID-19: A Survey from 37 Nations and a Call for WHO to Post National Data on their Website.  International Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021; 102: 239-241
  6. The COVID-19 vaccination acceptance/hesitancy rate and its determinants among HCWs of 91 Countries, a multicenter cross-sectional study. EXCLI Journal (In press)
  7. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Infections and Their Relationships with Regional and Socioeconomic Statuses: A survey in 24 Countries of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease (In press)

Finalized ID-IRI Projects

1.     Mucormycosis Study, submitted elsewhere

2.     Parental Vaccine Hesitancy Survey, submitted elsewhere

3.     CLABSI Bundles, will be submitted elsewhere on 20.12.2021 (Monday)

4.     Anthrax Study, submitted elsewhere

5.     Antibiotic stewardship and IPC in the ICUs, the analysis continues

6.     FUO Survey, the analysis continues

7.     Peritoneal Tuberculosis Study, the analysis continues

8.     Febrile Neutropenia and Bacteremia, the analysis continues

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