ID-IRI 2021

2021 Publications

  1. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Infections and Their Relationships with Regional and Socioeconomic Statuses: A survey in 24 Countries of Europe, Africa and Asia. Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease 2021 Nov-Dec;44:102174. 
  2. International multicentre study of Candida auris infections. Journal of Fungi 2021;9;7(10):878
  3. Profiles of multidrug-resistant organisms among patients with bacteremia in intensive care units: an International ID-IRI survey. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases2021;40(11):2323-2334.
  4. Managing adult patients with infectious diseases in emergency departments: International ID-IRI Study. Journal of Chemotherapy 2021;33(5):302-318.
  5. Anxiety among front-line health-care workers supporting patients with Covid-19: A global survey. General Hospital Psychiatry 2021;68:90-96.
  6. Health Care Worker Infections and Deaths due to COVID-19: A Survey from 37 Nations and a Call for WHO to Post National Data on their Website.  International Journal of Infectious Diseases 2021; 102: 239-241