Anxiety in physicians and nurses for COVID-19

Core committee members:

  1. Yasemin Cag
  2. Hakan Erdem
  3. Aynur Görmez
  4. Jordi Rello
  5. Sally Hargreaves
  6. Jy Lefrant
  7. Joao Coimbra
  8. Masoud Mardani
  9. Stijn Blot
  10. Mirko Belliato
  11. Ilad Alavi
  12. Handan Ankaralı
  13. Joanna Berger
  14. Paolo Pelosi
  15. Francesca Rubulotta


Coordinator: Hakan Erdem

The aim of this survey is to determine the anxiety status of physicians for COVID-19. We will try to detail the tough points that the medical doctors face in the management of the current pandemic. Hopefully, your feedback in this survey will enhance the supportive mechanisms for the medical staff.