Vector-borne and zoonotic infections survey

Dear Colleagues

ID-IRI Vector-borne and zoonotic infections survey is about to start within a couple of weeks. The design of the study will be prospective and cross-sectional.

We are still open to centers eager to join us, We will not be able to include additional Turkish centers since we previously noted counterparts from Turkey.

Those willing to join the study can kindly contact Dr Nurhayat Bayazıt.

Contact point:

One thought on “Vector-borne and zoonotic infections survey

  1. Dear professor,
    I’m writing to inform you about my intention to join the study “Vector-borne and zoonotic infections survey”.
    I would be grateful if me and Professor Bruno Cacopardo (Infectious Diseases Department, University of Catania, Sicily, Italy) could contribute with our data from eastern Sicily.

    Please keep me up to date about the study.

    Kind regards

    Andrea Marino, MD
    Department od Infectious Diseases
    Arnas Garibaldi Hospital, Catania, Sicily, Italy
    University of Catania
    Mobile: +39 3463589243


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